KRYSOS + CHANDI is a Brooklyn based jewelry line inspired by ancient + modern aesthetics and eastern + western sensibilities, bound together by two noble metals, gold + silver.

Rooted in the mythology and culture of ancient Greece and India, KRYSOS + CHANDI takes its name from the Greek God of gold, Khrysos and the Hindi word for silver, Chandi. Blending the alchemy symbols of the two metals together, the logo reinforces the meaning behind the brand.

KRYSOS + CHANDI jewelry is proudly handmade in New York City. All of our cast metal pieces are sustainable and made from recycled Sterling Silver, Brass + Gold.


"It is my most vivid memory of childhood. I must have been four or five years old when I fractured my arm in a friend's garden in New Delhi. I remember we had been running after one another and I had simply lost my balance. My arm would take six weeks to heal which meant regular trips to the doctor for checkups and while most children would dread the thought of seeing the doctor so often, I was always thrilled because it was in the waiting room that my mother and I would add to our growing floral motif. By the end of the six weeks, my cast was covered with vibrant hues of magenta, orange, red, purple and green - it was beautiful. My mother and I decided we couldn't let our work go to waste, so we kept my cast which in the most optimistic light, could be seen as a bracelet - an arm length cuff with floral embellishment."

This opening paragraph on her application to the Fashion Institute of Technology is very telling. For as long as she can remember, Canadian native Avneet Basi has loved adornment. A self described color magpie, Avneet is drawn to bright colors and prints and her fascination with the opulence of ancient jewelry compelled her to move to New York City in 2006 to study jewelry design at FIT. Securing a job at a fashion jewelry company upon graduation, Avneet worked in the industry for several years and with various national retailers before taking the leap to start her own company in late 2013.

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